Category projects: Retail

Central Plaza Rayong

The striking facade concept by Architect Synthesis Design showed a pair of interfering waveforms that change shape and level as they wrap the building. The forms spread out over the large flat walls and lift and twist up over the main entrance and then swoop down under signboards to form a glazed walkway canopy leading to the main entry before rising again to wrap the corner.

Singha Complex

The complex consists of a central tower with retail podium and mechanical / car park ramp blocks on either side all linked together by a common architectural language of smooth continuous horizontal banding but differentiated by vertical and horizontal fin expressions.

The Parq, Rama 4

The Office levels are enclosed in a fully-unitised curtain wall system designed by Facade Associates to accommodate the subtly twisting and sloping forms on the south and east elevations. The facade gradually morphs from vertical to sloped back to sloped out without using any pre-bent framing or glazing, all the while maintaining the straight lines of the horizontal and vertical fins with integrated lighting, and level sill trims internally.