Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel

This unique building forms a 'S' in profile, with the waves cutting through an orthogonal grid of floors and walls to create varying depths of balconies and shading in precast and GFRC. At the ground a pure concrete arch cuts through the form linking garden spaces on both sides. A freeform stainless steel clad pool cantilevers out over the gardens below.


Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel

Facade Associates resolved the pool cladding geometry in Rhino to allow all the cladding to be made from cylindrically curved panels perforated stainless polished sheet. The pool cladding doubles as ventilation for MEP spaces and the perforations are difficult or impossible to see by the naked eye.

The important lobby areas went through several different schemes before Client approval. FA detailed and engineered several options within our scope before a final selection was made.

FA detailed the lobby point- and patch-fitted steel-reinforced glazing system to allow visual continuity of the concrete arch through the lobby space, with hidden brackets and glass supports. This required detailed coordination with the Structural Engineer and the Main Contractor in order to carry the intent through to construction and maintain the architectural intent.

An atrium trhough the whole height of the building is enclosed by point-fixed glazed skylights and ceilings above and below.

The rooms utilise window wall and 2-track bi-parting tall sliding doors and 1-piece glass balustrades. Grilles, screens, performance louvres and canopies are all integrated into the form and follow the architectural language creating a very coherent whole.

The design for the grid of walls and beams went through many iterations from precast to GFRC to ACP and back again before deciding on an optimised combination of majority architectural precast, render on blockwork and smaller areas of GFRC and aluminum composite cladding.

Facade Associates inspectors closely monitored the difficult glazed walls and skylights installations and provided frequent assistance and production suggestions to help resolve the expected and unexpected challanges.The result is a truly unique building with a unique facade at the centre of the Sindhorn Village development.




Bangkok, Thailand


Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel


architect PLAN Architect

contractor Oregon / Thai Obayashi


full scope2


GFA 70,000m2 / floors 19 / height 78m

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